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Some VAT Act provisions should not apply where business rescue proceedings have been instituted]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: FSB completes peer review of South Africa]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Clarity needed on Transfer Pricing Practice Note]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Development finance to play major role in aiding emerging economies in 2013]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: SACCI Expectations of the National Budget]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Impact of the rebasing and re-weighting of CPI on inflation-linked Government Bonds]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Value-Added Tax levied on membership fees of employees paid by employers should be amended]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Chartered institutes join forces to promote the role of Chartered Accountants]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Asset and investment management industry to begin implementing IFRS]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Phakamani Hadebe to step down as CEO of Land Bank]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Cape-based CJB Brokers acquires Rosen Insurance Brokers]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: No paperwork, no mercy]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Avoid paying penalties on Tax]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Business needs to join the carbon tax debate, before it’s too late]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Deadline for the SARS third party report submissions looming]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: New bad debt accounting proposals could have a significant impact on current reported numbers]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Consultants vs Small Business Tax - know where you stand!]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: The changing landscape of banks poses challenges for SA commercial property sector]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: FRRSC to prepare detailed proposals on the overarching Twin-Peaks Bill]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: New accounting standard is to eliminate the current inconsistencies of insurers globally]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: SA corporates have not changed the way they manage cash, survey finds]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Is your tax consultant registered with a SARS-approved controlling body?]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Avoid paying penalties on Tax]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Future of International Financial Reporting Standards and its impact for South African companies]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Investors warned to be cautious of African growth story]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Turmoil in the retail sector unlikely to end soon]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: 1 in 5 phishing attacks target banks and other financial organisations]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Financial literacy is an important building block for a sustainable economy, says SAICA]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Lion of Africa Insurance maintains its 'zaA' credit rating in a tough SA insurance market ]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: SAICA welcomes the Tax Review Committee]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Focus on costs in retirement industry puts spotlight on passive investing]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Mandatory rotation of audit firms could affect the auditing profession]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Issues experienced by companies submitting their MOIs]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Five mistakes even savvy investors make]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: South Africans may use their home turf as ideal springboards for promoting investment regionally]]> <![CDATA[OPINION: The lost art of investing ]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: SAICA and the ACFE SA launch the Forensic Accounting Forum]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Medical tax credit in force by SARS]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Are you required to pay tax?]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: South Africans' attitude to retirement savings shows clear need for industry reforms, says Old Mutual ]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Department of Trade and Industry amends standard MOI forms]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Africa offers massive growth opportunities to South African and global financial services providers]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: 2013 Tax Tips]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Ten top tips for beginner investors]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Absa delivers SA's first fully integrated online insurance platform]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: SA employers urged to chnage retirement savings pattern]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Auditor General’s report on KZN audit outcomes shows SAICA’s commitment to the NDP in action]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: SMEs should consider using CAs(SA) as unofficial ‘non-executive directors’]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Managing risk through diversification: understanding the complexities]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Major lenders agree: chartered accountants can help small businesses remain ‘bank-fit’]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Research confirms that finance providers place more reliance on financial statements compiled by Chartered Accountants]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: SA consumption patterns show key market opportunities in lower-income brackets ]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Development finance to play major role in aiding emerging economies]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Changes in the Companies Act an opportunity for mining SMEs to become ]]> <![CDATA[OPINION: Select SA shares starting to look attractive]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: SA bonds not presenting value at current prices ]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: More financial reporting relief for Small, Medium and Micro-sized entities ahead]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: RECM announces new business development appointments]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Healthcare SMEs need to improve ‘borrowing fitness’]]> <![CDATA[PREPRESS RELEASE: Latest research reveals that South African CFOs have low optimism about the country’s economies]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Drastic changes proposed to auditor reporting will have a huge impact on auditors, investors and analysts]]> <![CDATA[MEDIA ALERT: Absa and the City of Johannesburg partner to support SME development]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Linda de Beer appointed the new chairman of the FRIP]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: SAICA, EY launch the first annual CFO Awards]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: The diminishing size of the corporate report]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: IIA SA launches its first Corporate Governance and Risk Management Index]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: International Integrated Reporting Framework released with business and investor support]]> <![CDATA[2014 – Where to from here?]]> <![CDATA[ Will you win or lose with listed property going forward? ]]> <![CDATA[South Africa endorses the international Reporting Framework guidance]]>