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Corporate data loss - customers are also effected]]> <![CDATA[Global IT Security Risks Survey Report]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Continued decline sees spam levels hit 5-year low, says Kaspersky Lab]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 named among the best products]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Local Pump Suppliers Explore Expo’s African Linkages]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Local Valves Manufacturing Cluster, VAMCOSA, Supports Pumps, Valves and Pipes Africa]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Cybercriminals set their sights on gamers]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: SAICA calls for responsible leadership regarding the use of consultants in the Public Sector]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Malaysian début at Petro.t.ex Africa brings French Repeat Appearance]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Africa’s Industrial Growth Attracts Global Interest]]> <![CDATA[MEDIA ALERT: BUSA media briefing on pre-SONA and pre-Budget Business expectations]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Motsepe decision - Wealth created through business should benefit all shareholders, including society ]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: The '2013 Big Data' Trend - will it last?]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: SAICA encourages National Treasury to simplify tax laws on scholarships and bursaries]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Bursaries up for grabs]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Darrel Scott appointed to chair an international financial body]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: E-toll launch delay is a farce]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: SACCI expectations of the State of the Nation Address 2013]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: How to Avoid 'Honey Traps' When Seeking Your Soul Mate Online]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Business plans critical for SMEs in tough economic times]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: SACCI response to the State of the Nation Address 2013]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Make sure they don’t miss the jobs boat]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Prospective financial management CAs(SA) prove their competence in final professional examinations]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Tshwane Hospitals and District clinics receive specialised diabetes screening and treatment equipment]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Serve up the skills, solve service delivery]]> <![CDATA[MEDIA ALERT: PALAMA co-hosts a leadership conference with CAPAM]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Kaspersky Lab Identifies 'MiniDuke', a New Malicious Programme]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: SAITEX Attracts Massive Chinese Exhibitor Interest]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: International Solutions on Show at Watertec Africa]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: High Schools have until March 29 to register Grade 11 and 12 learners for Accounting Olympiad]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: SACCI comment on the NERSA decision]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: BUSA endorses NERSA decision on Eskom Tariffs]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Anti-Virus alone is no longer enough]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Opportunity for African Industrialists and Manufacturers ]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: South Africa's road freight industry one of the highest taxed industries in SA]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: A glimpse of women's advancement in the insurance industry]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: International Suppliers Access African Markets at Africa’s Big Seven]]> <![CDATA[OPINION: Better retail experiences lead to sustainable and profitable growth]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Regular screening vital in mitigating impact of kidney disease]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Crossroads picks up Chevron award for safety ]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Survey among Small and Medium accounting firms confirms that businesses still prefer audits]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: The state of SA Healthcare - can BI deliver real intelligence? ]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: New Kaspersky Lab technology optimises PC resources]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: SACCI hosts Minister Motshekga]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Mathematics Thought Leadership]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: SACCI Copper Theft Barometer February 2013]]> <![CDATA[MEDIA ALERT: SAICA Launches Career Management Portal ]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Organisational personality disorders stem from leadership]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Grade 12 learner donates proceeds of her poetry book to prospective CA(SA) students]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: 65% of companies using client management tools put their data at risk due to haphazard patch management]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Is the concept of shared value possible in SA?]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: The Restoration of Executive Humanity]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: 41% of companies make prevention of data leaks a priority task]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Project management skills vital to the development of Africa's infrastructure]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: 'We need wage transparency']]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: SA female CA appointed to the global accounting advisory body]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: BUSA Urges caution on Carbon Tax]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Spam in Q1 2013 - History repeats itself]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: The new currency in 21st-Century leadership]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Executive search consulting alive and well despite in-house ‘trend’]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Aspiring matriculants use their holidays to improve their Maths skills]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: MEC Cronje, SAICA recruit students for chartered accountancy]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Thuthuka Alumni Launch]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Kaspersky Lab product successfully blocks 99.8% of attacks during testing]]> <![CDATA[MEDIA ALERT: TBF Donors-The Quest for Changing the lives of Disadvantaged Youth]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Hybrid security solutions provide the most effective protection]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Suspend e-tolls - OUTA]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Kimberley Process Celebrates 10 Years]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Social networks are the most dangerous virtual ]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Are your nutritional needs adequate for your training regime?]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: BUSA at the ILO to discuss critical global socio-economic issues]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: TBF Donors-Changing the Landscape of South Africa]]> <![CDATA[MEDIA ALERT: Announcing the Crunch the Numbers Winners]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Barclays unlocks youth potential]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: 52% of companies understand importance of using centralised management console]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: The 'ethics' crisis is a symptom of an outdated approach to business]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: SACCI concerned at developments relating to labour relations amendment bill]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Making digital work for red square]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: 52% of companies view careless employees as threat to sensitive data]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Proposed ban - advertising of alcohol]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: SA rugby player appointed as Cipla Nutrition ambassador]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Africa's leaders urged to seriously consider human rights in all decision making]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: SACCI welcomes MOU between business and government]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Oiling the Provincial Financial Machinery with Essential Skills]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Aspiring matriculants use their holidays to improve their Mathematics skills at a Thuthuka camp]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: 37.3 million users experienced phishing attacks in the last year - Kaspersky Lab report]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Meat scandals have put imports and firmly in the spotlight]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Copper Theft Barometer decreases in May]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Pockets of value appearing for investors in construction sector]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Spam in May 2013: Microsoft]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Selecting innovative leaders for success a matter of consciousness]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: SMEs should consider using CAs(SA) as unofficial ‘non-executive directors’]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Suresh Kana appointed new board chairman for SAICA]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: New Companies Act, an opportunity for SMEs to become ]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: The Customer is still 'King', says PBT Group]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Entering the real world and putting your hard-earned degree to work]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Advises Users to Safeguard Apples Accounts and Sensitive Data]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: 45% of companies fear more complex attacks on their IT infrastructures]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: World renowned SA hygiene and sanitation company launches first-ever Global Food Safety Project ]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Solar energy should play integral role in Power Africa initiative]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: SACCI welcomes Durban Chambers Business Vision]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: SACCI passes its condolences to MEC Nkosiphendule Kolisile]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Coal negotiations get underway]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Increasingly high electricity costs and Medupi delay fuelling the need for renewable power in SA ]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Government reduces red tape for small businesses in line with new Companies Act]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: One-stop accountant shopping online]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: 90% of companies underestimate the volume of malicious software]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Learn the Secret of Steve Jobs' Success]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Urgent solution needed for SA's lagging broadband speed and cost]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: SACCI welcomes swift investigation into concerns over NEF funding]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: One-stop accountant shopping online]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: The high cost of a security breach - one serious incident could cost $649K]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: SACCI comment on carbon tax policy paper]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Analytics has a 'Dark' side says PBT Group]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Renewable energy a viable energy source for SA's low cost housing]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Kaspersky Lab warns corporates to be Cyber Warfare and Malware alert]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: NDP high-level meeting between govt and business]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: It's not about making it in a man's world; it's about making it a woman's world]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: SACCI comment on employment equity amendment bill]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Internationally accredited business school qualifications crucial when applying for highly desired jobs]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Spam in Q2 2013: More offices in danger from targeted plausible fakes]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Targeted attacks cost up to $2.4 million in damages]]> <![CDATA[PROFILE: Wine marketer and HR manager shares the best of both her worlds]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Agency celebrates its second year in business]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Cipla Nutrition says yes to new film ]]> <![CDATA[OPINION: What is the role of Management Training in Africa? ]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: SACCI Comment on the Auditor General Report]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: SkyNet: The Dentists’ choice]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Superior logistics and excellent B-BBEE rating secure AfriSam deal for Ezethu Logistics]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Top spot for USB in national business school survey]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Kaspersky Lab IT Threat Evolution: Q2 2013]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: BUSA launches pilot programme - women on Board Directorship Training Programme]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Kaspersky Internet Security blocks all Zero-day attacks in independent test]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Talesun enters the South African Market]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: How do we grow? Where will our resources have the greatest impact? What is the role of Management Training in Africa? ]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: OUTA questions SANRAL entering political frey]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: SA medical industry needs to adopt more accurate hypertension measurement]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: BUSA well on its way towards a stronger and better apex organisation as it celebrates 10th anniversary]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: SA urged to reduce investment in power stations and move to long-term energy solutions]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Banking Trojans dominate malware in email traffic]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: eCommerce growth in heaps and bounds]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Public-private partnerships essential to solve the education crisis]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Urgent action required by SA mining sector leadership to restore country's labour relations image]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Easily Protect PCs, Macs, and Android Devices with a Single Product]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Season 2 of the Big Break Legacy has arrived]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Kaspersky Lab reinforces its position in the Endpoint Security Market]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: NetTraveler is back with new tricks]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Project management skills vital to the development of Africa's Infrastructure]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: NAAMSA warns of further vehicle manufacturing disruptions]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Kaspersky Lab Analyses Active Cyber-Espionage Campaign Primarily Targeting South Korean Entities]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Transformation requires more than ticking boxes]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: When is the right time to study an MBA?]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Logistics: the secret to healthy profits in a globalised economy]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: 75% of companies in South Africa view Bring Your Own Device environment as a growing threat]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Employee missteps among top causes of data theft]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Dismal ranking highlights need for adoption of renewable energy practices in SA]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: 100% effective – Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business overcomes all Zero-day threats]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: eCommerce has come a long way - and it is the delivery systems that are taking it further]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: SACCI response to crime stats]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: International recognition for USB alumnus' doctoral dissertation ]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Can online transactions ever be safe?]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Advanced technology to improve treatment and diagnosis of high blood pressure ]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Exposing the security weaknesses we tend to overlook]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: South Africa holds unique position for renewable energy in Africa but needs to attract investment]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Kaspersky Lab exposes 'Icefog' - a new cyber-espionage campaign focusing on supply chain attacks]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Continuous learning imperative for survival of SA business leaders]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Ongoing Cloud, Mobile Innovation to Drive Market Disruption in Years Ahead: KPMG Survey]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Bankability key to growth of solar power market in SA]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: IT Security is Critically Underfinanced by Business]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Kaspersky Lab Demonstrates Continued Commitment to the Channel with Renewed Partner Programme]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: RECM announces changes to fund range]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: SA poultry sector tariff increase will provide limited relief to almost crippled industry ]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: BUSA endorses Productivity Month 2013]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Kaspersky Lab Prevails in Legal Fight Against Technology Patent Troll]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Whoever can deliver wins the contact]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Public-private partnerships essential to solve the education crisis]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Continuous learning imperative for survival of SA business leaders]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Financial fitness in the construction industry]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: SA employers urged to change retirement savings pattern by championing employee budgeting programmes]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Kaspersky Lab Africa Announces New Appointments to Global Research and Analysis Team]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: 41% of online fraud victims didn’t get their money back]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Share of spam in email traffic in August according to Kaspersky Lab]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Kaspersky Lab patents technology that increases usability of protection solution]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: 61% of companies in South Africa use in-house resources for IT security training]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: USB again ranked in top 3 in Africa by Eduniversal]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: SA employers urged to change retirement savings pattern by championing employee budgeting programmes]]> <![CDATA[MEDIA ALERT: Fix the Patent Laws Campaign ]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Conpicous indeed]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Logistics SMPs can help SMEs maintain financial fitness]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: E-commerce growth in leaps and bounds]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Lost forever – 61% of users could not fully restore data damaged by malware]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Wireless energy monitoring key to SA business cost savings]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: SACCI comment on IP policy document]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Careless majority – more than half use no security software on their Android-based devices]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: OUTA will not appeal Supreme Court of Appeal judgment]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: BUSA hopes MTBPS will re-affirm broad commitment to the NDP]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: SAICA saddened by the untimely passing of Mr Lawrence Moepi]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Challenges in SA's mining sector are fuelling the need for renewable energy options]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: A career as a Chartered Accountant starts at home]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Wi-Fi spies - 34% use no protection at Wi-Fi hot spots]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: SA agribusinesses continue to look to Africa for new markets]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Kaspersky Lab launches free app for secure web browsing on iPhone and iPad]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: The Bank of Fakes – almost a third of users have received bogus bank emails]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Significant court ruling could have effect for SA creditors]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Kaspersky Lab - 73% of companies can’t keep security breaches under wraps]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Kaspersky Lab - ‘Nigerian’ spammers look to Syria]]> <![CDATA[OPINION: Who needs an amnesty ]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Retrenchments can be effective in keeping a business operational]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Kaspersky Lab study reveals surge in Java exploit attacks to 14.1 million in a year]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Kaspersky Lab products for business take first place in Dennis Technology Labs testing]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Making the right career choices]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Wind power cost drops even further below coal in latest successful REIPPP bidding round]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Zuma's speak needs to be actioned on eTolls]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Kaspersky Lab patents technology for detecting malware hidden with packers]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: 56% of users value the data stored on computer much more than the device itself]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: ENSafrica wins Technology, Media and Telecommunication Team of the Year]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Android 4.4 has arrived - what’s new in security features of KitKat]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Kaspersky Internet Security earns top marks in testing by Dennis Technology Labs]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Exposing the Cyber Crime ‘Underground’]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: SA's first fully-serviced primary healthcare modular mediacal clinic launched to service primary healthcare sector]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Small Financial and Healthcare Service Providers – a Prime Target for Cybercrime]]> <![CDATA[PRESS REL:EASE: Kaspersky Lab Announces New Kaspersky Small Office Security]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Spike in malicious spam targeting user data]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: One in Every Six users suffer loss or theft of mobile devices]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Q3 2013 sees alarming growth in data threats]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Kaspersky Lab patents emulation enhancement technology]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Malware, spam, and phishing - the threats most commonly encountered by companies]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: October spam - Santa, scams and sorcery]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Experts predict mass attacks on online banking users]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Security problems turn a third of users off mobile banking]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Key security incidents that shaped threat landscape in 2013]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Do you have an effective mobile strategy?]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Fracking not a sustainable solution to SA's electricity shortfall]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Wind industry awaits government's announcement on possible round 3 extension]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: In memoriam: Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: South Africa mourns the death of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Our condolences to the Mandela family as we lay to rest an icon of democracy and humanity]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Human Factor in IT Security Totally Underestimated]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Dr Johan van Zyl re-elected as president of NAAMSA]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Kaspersky Lab is detecting 315,000 new malicious files every day]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Kaspersky Lab makes its forecasts for the coming year]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: E-Tolls headed for failure - OUTA]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Viable Solution To Help Balance Population Growth And Energy Demand]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Rivonia has investors interested]]> <![CDATA[SACCI congratulates 2013 matrics]]> <![CDATA[75% of companies in SA believe that BYOD is a growing threat to business security]]> <![CDATA[The breakout year for Wi-Fi says Ruckus Wireless]]> <![CDATA[Unregulated supplements industry puts SA consumers at risk]]> <![CDATA[World Bank Report lauds South Africa’s Progress]]> <![CDATA[Software development continues to improve business strategy channels]]> <![CDATA[Online financial transactions are top Internet concern, says Kaspersky Lab]]> <![CDATA[Kawasaki Motors at High Speeds with Smart Wi-Fi from Ruckus Wireless]]> <![CDATA[Cyber attack could cost the average user $418 in media files, says Kaspersky Lab]]> <![CDATA[India Partner Nation for WAMPEX 2014]]> <![CDATA[In-source key functions; cut costs and grow your revenue in 2014]]> <![CDATA[SACCI hosts interaction with the Department of Transport]]> <![CDATA[Stagnant World Markets Boost Interest in Africa's Big Seven Expo]]> <![CDATA[Financial data leads the malicious spam hit list for third year in a row, says Kaspersky Lab]]> <![CDATA[Energy Saving Resolutions for SA Businesses In 2014 ]]> <![CDATA[Fracking not a sustainable solution to SA's electricity shortfall]]> <![CDATA[Fiere di Parma set to join Africa]]> <![CDATA[MEDIA ALERT: SACCI 2014 Election Debate]]> <![CDATA[Indian Trade Bodyto Host Pavilion at South African Expo]]> <![CDATA[Data theft, Trojans and quotes - the murky world of spam money lenders]]> <![CDATA[Skills are needed to grow the Wi-Fi connection in Africa]]> <![CDATA[Improve your business decision-making with data visualisation, says PBT Group]]> <![CDATA[Africa's Biggest Business Opportunities Expo turns 21]]> <![CDATA[Global Cyber-espionage Operations Due to the Complexity of the Toolset Used by the Attackers]]> <![CDATA[F&B Buyers from Africa target Africa's Big Seven Expo]]> <![CDATA[Seamless Bend Pipes Showcased At WAMPEX Expo]]> <![CDATA[Ruckus Hits the Spot with the Industry’s First Cloud-Based Smart Positioning Wi-Fi Location Service]]> <![CDATA[Purple Surgical Chooses Econz Wireless Timecard GPS Lite To increase sales effectiveness and Performance]]> <![CDATA[List of malicious Android apps hits 10 million, says Kaspersky Lab]]> <![CDATA[BUSA CEO resigns]]> <![CDATA[BUSA welcomes SONA, but more could have been said to alleviate investor fears]]> <![CDATA[SACCI reflects on the State of the Nation Address 2014]]> <![CDATA[Kaspersky Lab Announces Establishment of International Advisory Board]]> <![CDATA[Wearing your technology on your suit sleeve]]> <![CDATA[Western Cape Industries Showcase Redefines Local Exhibitions]]> <![CDATA[Changing the way students connect, communicate and stay informed]]> <![CDATA[KPMG Capital Study Reveals 96 Percent of Businesses Say They Are Not Managing Data Effectively]]> <![CDATA[Refrigeration and AirCon Boom for Africa]]> <![CDATA[Fire Protection Provision for Photovoltaic Solar Installations ]]> <![CDATA[Social Media Week Highlights Need For SA Businesses To Embrace New Media Platforms ]]> <![CDATA[First wind farms fo online as Eskom declares state of emergency]]> <![CDATA[Ruckus Wireless Mobile World Congress Roundup]]> <![CDATA[Kaspersky Security for Mobile Adds New Support for Windows Phone and Samsung SAFE Devices]]> <![CDATA[Africa’s social business solution]]> <![CDATA[OPINION: Sleazeball marketing … or not?]]> <![CDATA[Fake WhatsApp notifications, real stars for Valentine’s Day and Nigerian’ letters exploiting deaths]]> <![CDATA[Thank you for the Wi-Fi – but is it Carrier-Grade?]]> <![CDATA[WAPS Showcases Products and Services at WAMPEX 2014]]> <![CDATA[Pretoria Zoo crocs get a new reason to smile]]> <![CDATA[E-tolls must be debated by provincial legislatures]]> <![CDATA[Half of users believe banks will refund their money in the event of cyber theft]]> <![CDATA[Is Price Still King ]]> <![CDATA[Pretoria Zoo crocs get a new reason to smile]]> <![CDATA[The Role of NDP in Growing Small Business]]>