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April 2013]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: SACCI concerned over weakening labour market]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Business Climate to Benefit from World Economy?]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: SACCI Copper Theft Barometer decreases]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: New vehicle sales up 7.5% in May - Naamsa]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Business Confidence Suffers Setback]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Trade Conditions Decline but Remain in Positive Territory]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: SACCI Business Confidence Index remains depressed]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: SACCI concerned over high corruption levels]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: BUSA agrees with interest rate dicision]]> <![CDATA[NAAMSA QUARTERLY REVIEW 2ND QUARTER 2013]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: SACCI Copper Theft barometer up]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: New Vehicle Sales up 7,5% in July - Naamsa]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Business Confidence Stable at Low Levels]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Positive Trade Conditions are Sustained]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Escalation in strike activity is further harming vulnerable economy]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Ban on alcohol advertising will harm economy]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: SACCI Theft Barometer decreases in July]]> <![CDATA[PRESSS RELEASE: Business Confidence Remains Flat]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Tighter Trade Conditions]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Prolonged strike in motor sector harms economy]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: NAAMSA vehicle sales show 1.5% improvement in September]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Business Confidence Shows Little Improvement]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Trade Conditions Barely in Positive Territory]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Communicating the big picture of investments pertinent to avoid damaging financial decisions ]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Economic outlook - hoping for business as usual]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: SACCI concerned by e-toll special courts]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: SACCI expectations of the 2013 MTBPS]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: SACCI comments on the 2013 MTBPS]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: BUSA welcomes the MTBPS and its realistic and balanced assessment of SA’s economic prospects]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: SACCI Copper Theft Barometer decreases]]> <![CDATA[ PRESS RELEASE: SACCI reaction to labour stats]]> <![CDATA[ PRESS RELEASE: Current Trade Conditions Recover]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Business interest in employment tax incentive]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: SACCI copper theft barometer up in October]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: NAAMSA new vehicle sales down 4.6% in November]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: Business Confidence in the Doldrums]]> <![CDATA[PRESS RELEASE: SACCI Copper Theft Barometer rises]]> <![CDATA[Low Year-end for Business Confidence]]> <![CDATA[SACCI outlook for 2014]]> <![CDATA[Restrictive Trade Environment]]> <![CDATA[SACCI Copper Theft Barometer increases]]> <![CDATA[BUSA regrets rise in interest rates ]]> <![CDATA[New vehicle sales start the year on a weak note]]> <![CDATA[Business Confidence Dips Further]]> <![CDATA[Further Deterioration of Trade Conditions]]> <![CDATA[SACCI Copper Theft Barometer up in January]]> <![CDATA[NAAMSA new vehicle sales drop 3.1% in February]]> <![CDATA[Business Confidence Claws Back]]> <![CDATA[BUSA to seek high level meeting on Eskom power emergency]]>